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Oil of essence of life is the product that a kind of person can use. Use essence is oily, besides the meeting is OK achieve hairdressingForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Raise colour besides the purpose, OK still and very good immanent to oneself health undertakes rising. Of course, in menses when, cannot use oil of essence of life, because this meeting causes classics blood increase, or period is abnormal the occurrence that waits for a phenomenon. Period of one next month introduces for everybody below nurse method!

Come official holiday is met with oil of essence of life how

1, food of avoid raw or cold food, appropriate is fed tepid

Motherland medicine thinks, blood must heat up a travel, a cold sluggish. Menses eats raw or cold food, a be a hindrance to are digested, this world of easy injury human body is second angry, bring about inside cold generation, cold sex move sluggishly, can make classics blood moves not free, cause classics blood too little, even dysmenorrhoea. Although be in the intense heat of summerForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Midsummer is seasonal, period is unfavorable also have cold drink. Menses food should with tepid and advisable, choose the food such as rice of kelp, big jujube, sorghum, Job’s tears rice, hotpot, apple, eat the food of cold cool, slippery pour out such as pear, water chest nut, water chestnut, wax gourd, cabbage mustard, marijuana benevolence less.

2, food of diet acid hot stimulation

The lady of menstrual meantime feels special exhaustion, digestive function is abate, appetite owes beautiful, accordingly, should notice alimental is delicate on food and digest easily absorb, avoid edible to passShanghai noble baby

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Acid and excitant bigger provision, the establish that be like hill, pickled Chinese cabbage, feed vinegar, chili1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, mustard, peppery wait.

Come official holiday is met with oil of essence of life how

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3, should prevent to be short of iron, element of meat or fish is tie-in

Iron is the microelement with indispensible human body. Iron participates in haemoglobin and the enzymatic synthesis with be made much more important not only, and wait to have main effect to immunity, intellective, consenescence and energy metabolization. Menses because of iron missing more, into fill the food that contains iron to abound is very important. Blood of liver of fish, lean lean, animal, animal contain iron to abound, and biology active is bigger, be absorbed easily to use by human body; And the plant iron that contains a lot ofin soja, spinach, absorptivity is inferior. So, menses is prandial in should notice element of meat or fish is tie-in, take some of animal more appropriately kind food, in order to satisfy the menses special need to iron.

Come official holiday is met with oil of essence of life how

4, daily life nurses

Should avoid to swim as far as possible in menses, tub, live sexual life, uses sanitary towel must assure clean, softness, make a bacterium possibly go up to enter uterine antrum all right otherwise, cause inflammation, not seasonable cure may be brought about in the future infecund. As to wholesome bolt (namely inside buy type tampon) use, besides wanting cleanness to be changed frequently, nightly had better not grant to use. Because, the water absorption of wholesome bolt is finite, and after night sleeps soundly, change in time impossibly, suffocate suffocate of right now classics blood outflow, cause surprise of the film inside the uterus probably into pelvic cavity upstream disease. In addition menses avoids acuteness athletic sports even, because it also isSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Cause surprise of the film inside the uterus one of critical factors of disease.