[there is red place inside the palm] – of origin of _ pathogeny _

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The word of problem of occurrence skin of palmar carpel skin average person bears its Sao urticant rate hard. the patient discovers palmar heart interior is indescribable grow little red place, the current situation that what disease causes is this meeting?

 There is red place inside the palm

Red place having on the palm is a kind of dermatosis actually, suggest the doctor that looks for dermatological department to the hospital looks, relevant examination has below the doctor’s guidance, analytic pathogeny. Correct cure undertakes below the doctor’s guidance, never carelessness.

 There is red place inside the palm

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The phenomenon that come out has red place on the palm namely. This adds an attention more with respect to need individual, when change garments according to the season perhaps comes in new environment, want idea has protected him both hands.

 There is red place inside the palm

When discovery had had red place on the palm, not sick also chaos drops medical service. Because this is planted,the person’s blood is concerned, althoughShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Saying is dermatosis, but because hematic heat is caused,basically be. Suggest everybody wants to keep wholesome and good above all, use Wen Shui frequently to wash one’s hands, ; of stimulative blood circulation should eat green vegetable more next, make sure the body is right the demand of the vitamin, if be necessary, can undertake below the doctor’s proposal medicaments is recuperated.