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When believing everybody knows the cold has a fever, the patient is meeting occurrence cold-bloodedShanghai night net

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Symptom, because have a fever,basically be can perspire, perspire at that time can bring about temperature to give now to fall, can appear thereby cold-blooded phenomenon, we should want to notice when to having a fever, want to notice heat preservation, and can use remedy undertake remedial fevered. Have a fever when the child cold-blooded moment, we should use what method to have treatment, everybody can understand.

 Have a fever why to be afraid of cold

The child has a fever be afraid of cold how to return a responsibility

1, body and ill going-over are over battle may give a suit sweat (do not perspire possibly also) , mean virus normally by dry, the battle ends. Perspiring is the symptom that the cold improves and result, not be the method that allows a cold to improve and reason, cover to large quilt lets the body perspire forcibly and won’t let a cold improve, bring about temperature possibly instead exorbitant (Over Heat) .

2, in addition, the darling that the doctor suggests the cold has a fever wears comfortable night clothes, hold the body cool- – if the weather is cold,also cannot let him freezing of course- – it is comfortable and advisable that anyhow is being worn with darling.

 Have a fever why to be afraid of cold

The child has a fever be afraid of cold how to do

1, cannot flurried, the parent is in a state of utter stupefaction to be able to let a thing become worse only, the parent has in an orderly way of ad cool-headed, sober ability only had done defend the job.

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Put the child in safe place, the object that there is not acuteness all round (wait for) like desk horn, chair, avoid knock against to cause traumatic.

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3, place standardized form, maintain respiratory tract unobstructed, the proposal makes a little patient flat lie, the head gets lost a side, benefit at eduction of oral cavity secretion, prevent to be sucked by accident, if encounter mandibular joint lock, avoid by all means levers a tooth forcibly, in case the tooth falls off by accident inspiratory spirit way, create life risk. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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 Have a fever why to be afraid of cold

4, do not try to stop its to break out with outside force, such doing not only won’t have any effects, and likelihoodLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Can bring about a little patient to get hurt. How to prevent generation of hot sex convulsions, put in serious error in this respect, a lot of parents think to want to give out heat only what drop in temperature actively to be able to avoid to heat up sexual convulsions is square unripe.

Although be very common ailment,the cold has a fever, but if allow to develop by it,go down, also can cause serious menace to our body, for the dot that has not been over to be become endlong to the body especially, these diseases are having very tremendous menace more, if the parent discovered the child got serious cold to have a fever, must notice.