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Body occurrence tic is a kind of very common state, and the cause that causes body tic has a lot of kinds, this may be to contract epileptic disease, perhaps appear a kind of expression that is short of calcium and place of nerve sex tic to bring about, and hydrophobic perhaps metropolis causes body occurrence tetanus easily convulsive symptom, need undertakes detailed examination will undertake judging in time, much at ordinary times attention is healthy.

What disease can cause tic

What disease can cause tic?



High fever, epileptic, tetanic, hydrophobic, be short of calcium to wait to be able to cause cramp, this belongs to systemic sex, return those who have local sex to be like sural bowel flesh (common calls crus abdomen) convulsion, because rapid movement or working exhaustion or leg ministry are acuteness,often twist pigheaded cause, often appear when lay down or sleeping.

Semiotic description

Cause a reason convulsively to have a lot of, the symptom also has a lot of to behave a form, have basically: Calorific, have a fever, constipation, in larynx phlegmy cry, phlegmy yellow be bored with of yellow, liver mosses, strong heat is thirsty, constipation is abdominal distension, crimson of macula, tongue, bare of be agitated, eye, mouth is bitter, break irritated insomnia, hold deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it concurrently, convulsive frequency is made, convulsive frequency is made, phlegmy saliva stop up is filled, phlegmy saliva stop up is filled, accept is slow-witted, abdominal distension, limb is cold, jalf congealed, mandibular jointSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Lock, opisthotonos, systemic convulsion, fluctuation limb is throbbing, when fit is errant, in one’s right senses.

What disease can cause tic

Clinical expression

1, convulsions of systemic rigidity sex: Systemic muscle rigidity, blast throbbing, show opisthotonos (admire after the head, bend backward all over show arched) , break up on double eye or stare, mind is not clear.

2, limitation convulsions: Only local muscle is throbbing, be like only a side limbs is throbbing, or face flesh is throbbing, or finger, toe is throbbing, or eyeball is rotational, nystagmic, blink movement, stare etc. Mostly mind is not clear. The vogue of above convulsions can be a few seconds or several minutes, serious person amount to several minutes or break out repeatedly, convulsions fit lasts 30 minutesFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Above person call the abidance of convulsions condition.

3, high fever convulsions: Basically see to 4 years old at 6 months children produces convulsions when high fever. When fit of high fever convulsions is brief, the consciousness after smoking restores fast, happen in what give out heat more inchoate, give out heat in sicken in, often break out only convulsions, can eliminate the disease inside the head and other serious defect disease, and it is normal that a week of hot drop back makes electroencephalogram.


Convulsions: It is a common kind of not optional motion, this is the whole body or local flesh group the rigidity that happen and clonicity tic. Of systemic sex break out greatly like epilepsy, of limitation be like limitation Tian epilepsy. Convulsions can be accompanied have or do not accompany consciousShanghai noble baby

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What disease can cause tic

Rigidity sex convulsion: It is to show muscle shows rigidity sex systole, for example epilepsy is sent greatlyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Made rigidity period, the convulsion inside the brothers ministry flesh of brothers Chu disease holding in the hand, tetanic mandibular joint lock and bend turns over Zhang Jun to belong to this sort model.

Flesh is clonic: It is to point to a kind brief, fast, muscle of reduplicative of appearance getting an electric shock is contractive, can pervade array flesh group or land part1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Muscle. Flesh is clonic and likely slight and do not send cause human body the motion of one part, likely also very acuteness and make ill person fall.

Quiver: The motivate flesh that is joint and Jie fight the spell movement of the law having a red-letter day of flesh, its extent but can small, its speed but fast but slow, because of different disease different. The common position of quiver is the place such as ministries of next finger, mental, lip and head.

Dancing appearance movement: It is one kind is broken out fast, unformed, aimless, bulky flesh group jumpy, the commonnest at the head, facial upper limbs blame the far end with limbs is apparent.