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Size the examination method of 3 this world is to need to go to a hospital undertaking checking second liver of two half-and-half, because this is a kind of common hepatic disease, provide the infectivity with certain stock, can have transmission from the method of blood and food, so the examination method of 3 this world needs size we are judged according to the doctor’s opinion. Let us understand together now how to go checking size 3 this world this kind of disease, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

How do 3 this world check size

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Do 3 this world attribute volume what division? Inspect what item commonly, 3 this world attribute volume liver is ill kind, it is contagious disease, the liver ill section that because of this size the examination of 3 this world should reach normal hospital commonly has checkForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Check, so general examination Where is what project? Define below.

1. is big 3 this world are to belong to liver disease kind, it is contagious sex disease, because this is big,ill division perhaps infects the liver that 3 in relief examinations should reach normal hospital commonly division, if some hospitals do not have special liver,ill division can arrive digestive internal medicine courage internal medicine undertakes checking or perhaps treat.

How do 3 this world check size

2. in addition, big 3Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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In relief examination still needs to check the project basically is: HBV-DNA, judgement virus is duplicate the index of the quantity, numerical value jumps over liver function of low better; , the;B of circumstance of liver cell damage that judges a patient exceeds, can observe hepatic, bravery, splenetic changes, those who be helpful for the organic materiality pathological changes such as liver cirrhosis, liver cancer is inchoate treatShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hematic convention is checked even when cure; has need, have in order to judge do not have the pair of milt, influence that learns a system.

Two half-and-half check 1. second liver: The first pair is E antigen and E antibody, the 2nd pair is exterior antibody and exterior antigen. And of half is to point to core antibody. Such examinations are the contagion that sees the virus inside patient system circumstance.

Virus of 2. second liver checks: It basically examines virus namely the duplicate circumstance inside patient systemShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The amount with existence how many, what judge the patient’s infectivity next is strong weak. Choose the medicaments that disease-resistant poison treats later like that.

How do 3 this world check size

3. liver function checks: Liver function is to include transaminase1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, choline ester is enzymatic, cruor zymogen activity is spent, globulin, serum total bilirubin. These are the patients that judge us be at what circumstance, the illness is spent again still is longitudinal standard.

4.B exceeds an examination: It is exasperate that this kind of examination can help patient patient’s condition, wait for disease direction change to liver cirrhosis.

Above is everybody to be solved what do in detail namely, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody.