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Actually the baby is in small when the resistance of their body is weaker, so if beside have multitude of a few sicken should as far as possible avoid to contact the child1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, the cold has infectivity commonly, and the infectivity of the cold to the baby of dispute Chang Jiang, infantile cold is caused very easily pneumonic, serious when still need be in hospital to have treatment, how can you just prevent a baby catch a cold so?

How does precautionary baby catch a cold

How to prevent darling cold

One, the constitution that needs to strengthen children takes exercise, enhance the constitution of children. Particular way can have: Increase the reaction capacity that children changes to environmental temperature, the dress of the dress is for instance unfavorable too overmuch, close, should follow the on any account of air temperature and somewhat increase and decrease, make skin mucous membrane can contact cold hot airLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Angry, exercise the oneself reaction to cold heat, arrive more outdoors activity, in order to increase osculatory sunlightForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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With the opportunity of fresh air. Have bath of sunbathe, air bath, cold water as a child take exercise, in order to heighten respiratory tract and cutaneous reaction sensitivity, cause infection of the upper respiratory tract because of catch cold catch cold not easily.

2, the nutrition that notices children, make sure prandial nutrition is balanced, d of C of precautionary vitamin A, vitamin, vitamin and the lack of the calcic, iron, microelement such as zinc, enhance the immune ability of airframe.

3, the patient that little contact respiratory tract affects, breathingA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Path disease sends season high, go less as far as possible the place with person much foul air, for instance supermarket, bazaar, pleasure ground.

How does precautionary baby catch a cold

4, old OK and vaccinal flu is vaccinal, undertake precautionary a cold.

1, tell sanitation, avoid to come on inducement. Environmental pollution and passive smoking, it is the inducement that the upper respiratory tract affects, should notice to be on guard.

2, do not wear too much dress to darling. Judgement baby clothes is worn much little still, cannot decide with the cold heat of darling hands or feet, because the blood of darling hands or feet is more opposite than other viscera,this is less, generally speaking darling hands or feet is tepid dress of the specification that do not have sweat is appropriate.

3, prevent alternate infection: Take darling less to go place of person much congested, after coming home, should wash his hands.

4, increase darling the time of the activity outdoor and frequency. Take darling to go out to bask more, breathing fresh air, enhance darling disease-resistant ability.

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How does precautionary baby catch a cold

5, keep ventilated. Airtight air, can reduce the resistance of darling.

6, drink water more. What can strengthen the body is metabolic, beneficial to the body, because this is when the cold is popular, make darling much drink water, can have precautionary effect.

7, rub nose: He gives rub rub small nose before taking darling to go out, hold to for a long time, the meeting is very few snorty, very good precaution cold has a fever.

8, heart of massage bound feet: PlantarFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Have a lot of point, often massage can keep healthy, enhance the immune power of darling.