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Kind more special group, each respects of the body can become very poor without full-fledged resistance, appear very easily affect and all sorts of diseases, diarrhoea is very incidental the problem on child body, treat the diarrhoea of darling, the body difference of everybody is different, above all if child of 50 days pulls the word of water to be able to be divided for a few types, go check and be being treated according to real kind.

 50 days of darling pull water how to do

Darling is a kind of more special group, each respect does not have the body full-fledged, resistance is exceedingly poor, all sorts of diseases on very easy infection, diarrhoea appears very easily on darling body, remedial darling diarrhoea wants and grow up somewhat difference, the method of remedial darling diarrhoea introduces in detail for everybody below.

General component is darling diarrhoea 3 kinds, one kind is physiology sex diarrhoea, one kind is autumn diarrhoea, still one is plant is lactose is not able to bear or endure suffer diarrhoea.

Give birth to rational diarrhoea, see at 6 months the following mother breeds more the baby of feed. These darling exteriorsNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Puffiness, mind is still good, facial often have wet examine (grandma tinea) , after be born, have before long yellowShanghai is the same asLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Green is rare, can mix have touch grandma piece. If darling appears these symptoms, mother need not worry, because this is oneA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The physiology phenomenon with be planted normal, want the age according to the child and physiology characteristic only, add dish mud, yoke, dried fish floss in time to wait complementary it is OK to feed.

 50 days of darling pull water how to do

Autumn diarrhoea, it is round of shape virus to cause commonly, often produce Yu Qiudong season, will arrive every year October namely second year Feburary. Because the infant is local immune force and digestion development unfinished are completely mature, all contract round of shape virus very easily and produce diarrhoea.

Lactose is not able to bear or endure suffer diarrhoea, also call a mother lacteal sex diarrhoea, thisShanghai noble baby

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Kind diarrhoea characteristic is apparent, general 3-7 of every day have a bowel movement second, defecate submits bubble rare sample, odour has special acerbity stink, rare small green, what contain strip even sometimes is transparent and mucous.

Although because of,3 kinds of diarrhoea have his each, but lactose is not able to bear or endure the complication that suffers diarrhoea to become other diarrhoea very easily however. Appear because of some kind of reason because of a lot of babies diarrhoea, although classics cure illness already recovered, but the alvine mucous membrane that is damaged temporarily (small intestine) downy won’t at a draught but repair, can produce very few breast carbohydrase only at this moment, stop to produce lacteal carbohydrase even.

Right now cheeper ate mother milk or other sacchariferous dairy produce, its bowel mucous membrane cannot decompose the lactose that absorbs via the mouth, lactose is decomposed to arise by the bacterium in alvine antrum however methane, hydric can stimulate alvine wall, grow in quantity of alvine fluid secretion, alvine peristalsis increases, make food is in alvine antrum retention period is brief, colonic retention period is brief, condense difference, defecate becomes rare again again, so diarrhoea happens once more, create vicious circle.

 50 days of darling pull water how to do

The development that darling is in the body period, must take the existence of darling diarrhoea seriously so, do not want the appear and reduces darling resistance because of diarrhoea, let more diseases affect the child’s health, darling often does not know those who convey his to experience, so parents must pay close attention to the health of darling at any time, let diarrhoea be far from the life of darling.