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Article introduction

Flesh anhydride is one kind has the material with healthy caustic, it is extensive among each organizations of consist in human body, the normal level of flesh anhydride won’t cause an effect to the person commonly, but once exceed normal level,create huge sicken pressure possibly to the body. Accordingly, the public figures that attribute crowd of flesh anhydride tall danger need to undertake flesh anhydride handles ability travel falling regularly, ability looks to fall below flesh anhydride? Hope everybody can understand.

 How does ability fall flesh anhydride

How to fall quickly flesh anhydride

The first: Take drug on time

Especially depressor and hormone, cannot have those who do not have to take. Take Sha Tan additionally kind with general benefit kind depressor when, flesh anhydride can grow 10-20 dot, this is normal, want what do not go up to do not have a problem too high only, can fall for some time too.

The 2nd: FoodA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Manage very important

Somebody thinks fleshShanghai Long Feng forum

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Anhydride and eat the meat relevant, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The position does not eat the meat, do not eat the flesh to be affected to flesh anhydride actually not quite, but anhydride of a large number of flesh eating the meat go up for certain. The kidney friend of CKD2 period is high grade albumen food, control cruelly oppress intake namely actually, little salt little oil eats delicate; CKD3 period and above kidney are friendly, food of strict low albumen, wheat starch eats case, simple method a jin of vegetable an egg, a cup of milk 19 flesh, breakfast food and drink does not want salt, take wheat starch steamed bread more.

 How does ability fall flesh anhydride

The 3rd: Weight of administrative good body wants relevant quota

Dominate sugar, accuse salt, accuse to press, acid accusing make water, fat accusing blood, only the body is controlled each in the round, flesh anhydride ability is possibleFall in love with the sea

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Keep for a long time stable.

 How does ability fall flesh anhydride

The 4th: Control lives even if victory

Can fall of flesh anhydride basic it is two kinds: It is interference detects the medicaments of the result acid of hydroxide benzene sulfur is for instance calcic; It is tea of a few Chinese traditional medicine additionally, medical tea is one of methods of dietotherapy of our country traditional medicine, also be a kind of agent of Chinese traditional medicine1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Model. Be in early ” godSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Farming classics of a book on Chinese medicine ” in have ” divine farming tastes 100 grass, one day encounters 72 poison, get tea and solve ” account, can solve all kind the tea of medical poison, should be the top grade in medicine. Because tea has officinal value, and take with convenient, the ancients enters a few medicaments in the mix into in tea dust, a chew when drinking tea is taken.